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Do you photograph weddings? Yes! I offer international fine art wedding photography and videography! Feel free to contact me with any questions about pricing and availability. I’d love to chat about a new adventure!


I am a blogger. Will you take photos for me? Yes! Shoot me an email and we can chat about your project whether it be fashion blogs or any other work needed for your blog!


Where are you located? I am primarily located in Houston, Texas & Hawaii, but travel frequently to Los Angeles for sessions and projects as well as all around the world for destination weddings.


What is a styled session? Styled sessions are my favorite! We will work together to make a vision or idea come to life. Styled sessions tell more of a story and have their own distinct character. I will provide all of the props, help with outfit suggestions, scout the perfect location and all you have to do is show up and fit right in the amazing scene.


What time of day do you book sessions? Session times are always 2 hours before sunset when the sun is beautiful and sheds perfect light on you! :]


Where will my session take place? All sessions will take place at a location we agree upon in the Houston, TX, Hawaii, or Los Angeles, CA area whether that be out in the wilderness, on the beach, or in a more urban downtown setting. After the booking process, we will discuss the type of feel you are wanting for your session and I can give you some options for the perfect location. I do not have a photography portrait studio and sessions will always be at an off-site location. I will travel for a portrait session – rates vary so email me for more information if you are looking to have a non-local (not in the Houston area) session. I wouldn’t mind frolicking in a sunflower field near Dallas or on the beach in Costa Rica photographing a gorgeous session. :]


Should I have my hair and makeup professionally done for the session? Absolutely! It is highly recommend that you get your hair and make-up done professionally. I can give you suggestions for some great makeup artists and hairstylists that will make you feel beautiful. Typically, the professionals know the rights secrets to enhance and showcase your beauty in photographs. I always want you to have confidence and for your beauty to be captured in our session.



Can I order prints from you? Of course! Over the years I have discovered the value of print – looking through old photo albums or walking past my parents canvased wedding portrait from 30 years ago. These memories that you create and we captured through photography are best enjoyed shared with others and on display. There is such value in those moments and times in your life that should be documented and not left sitting in a folder on your desktop. :] All sessions come with a print release so that you can print your photos at your own disposal wherever you fancy. But I wanted to make quality print readily available to my clients so I offer specialty prints, canvases, metal prints, premium photos albums and much more.